About Maskyot

The Vision

In a natural and serene environment in the northern Jordan Valley, the Maskyot Pre-Military Training Mechina offers a unique program for 35 teenagers at risk who are at a most critical point in their lives. Their stay at the Mechina greatly influences the way they conduct themselves as adults in Israeli society and gives them a wide range of choices in later life.

Established in 2001 by Rabbi Shlomo Azoualis, Maskyot provides a small sanctuary for these young adults, most of whom come from development towns and are forced to deal with the complexities of our times. When they first come to us, these teenagers at risk are sorely lacking belief in themselves and motivation to enlist in the IDF; they have a superficial national awareness and confused values.

At the pre-military Mechina the youngsters are exposed to the world of Torah, not by means of coercion but through keen interest and affection. They absorb values which afford them motivation and capabilities to become a part of the mainstream of work, achievement and leadership in elite IDF units and in Israeli society. We believe that in this manner we are forming the basis of an exemplary and influential society in the State of Israel, in the true spirit of our national heritage.

At Maskyot the teenagers are given a warm home, love, attention, and guidance in an individual and all-encompassing manner for each student. In the course of their studies an exciting process of personal strengthening takes place. This process is built in stages and through various means, tools and experiences, among them the music room, gymnasium, gardening, workshops, petting zoo and stable.

The Mechina is located in a young settlement which is taking shape and becoming a regional magnet and lighthouse in the Jordan Valley for Torah, values, volunteerism and giving.

After more than a decade of activities, the Maskyot Mechina has produced some 400 graduates, and many of them have already started their own families through the Mechina. Maskyot invests great efforts in supporting them as they enter their adult lives and especially as they build their families and homes.

Maskyot’s Beit Midrash is a center for finding deep roots in Israeli heritage which broadens the students’ values perspective and strengthens beliefs, national vision and concerns for the future of the nation of Israel in the holy land.

The Educational Program

The students who live on the site of the pre-military Mechina participate in the study, enrichment and experiential programs that are personally suited for them: They study Torah, assimilate values such as love of the land and respect for others, do volunteer work and help those in need, travel around the country and get to know it, take personal responsibility, acquire leadership skills, learn about forming relationships and starting a family, develop social, educational and inter-personal skills, participate in diverse activities and experience cooperative community life with a sense of responsibility towards their surroundings. The rabbinical staff imparts their Torah insights with diverse styles and reasoning and the students quench their thirst with the various fragrances.  

The Mechina successfully combines Torah, work, productivity and creativity, which are all immersed in the enchanting scenery.

Quality Military Preparation

The Mechina stresses preparation for the military through lectures, battle heritage, advanced training for select units, meetings with graduates of the Mechina who are spearheading elite IDF forces, and more. 

The results of this preparation are manifest in the high percentage of recruits for field and command units in the IDF.

Our Objectives

At the preparatory Mechina we emphasize strengthening the students by means of various unique programs, levels and frameworks. Our working premise is that students who come to the pre-military Mechina are ready to make a fundamental change, build a strong and firm backbone that will give them the strength to continue with their military, personal, spiritual and family plans.

Maskyot implements this work premise in a meaningful way through diverse frameworks that enable the students to develop their leadership skills, which are refined through self-awareness and independence.

Meet The Team

Rabbi Shlomo Azualis

Director of Maskyot

Lives in a Moshav in the Beit Shean Valley and serves as a regional rabbi of Hamayanot Valley. Rabbi Shlomo founded Maskyot in 2002 and has been the director of the Pre-Military Mechina ever since.

Avigdor Moshe

Principal of Maskyot

Lives in the Tel Teumim settlement in the Beit Shean Valley and has served as principal of Maskyot since 2013.

Inbal Alias


Lives in the Hemed settlement in the Jordan Valley. Inbal coordinates student registration, tuition, bookkeeping etc.

Har'el Vinkelstein

Social Director

Har’el lives in Maskyot’s dormitory and serves as its social director in support of the students from the afternoon hours and overnight till morning, and at all hours of the day when needed.

Aviel Azualis


Avial is a resident of the Maskyot settlement and is in charge of student recruitment.

Ohad Cohen

Main Instructor

Ohed is a graduate of Maskyot and lives in Maskyot. Ohed is in charge of the student program and the school’s monthly activities.

Rabbi Elisha Yinon


Rabbi Elisha serves as an instructor in the afternoon hours and runs student workshops.

Naor Masuri

Sports and Battle Heritage Instructor
Naor served in a select combat unit in the IDF and now acts as sports director and battle heritage instructor for the students at Maskyot. Naor lives in the Hemdat settlement in the Jordan Valley.

Rabbi Lev Zvi


Rabbi Lev lives in Mehula and serves as Chief Rabbi of the Mehula settlement. Rav Lev gives lessons and is primarily a student companion.