Rabbi's Note

A letter by Shlomo Azualis, Rabbi of Maskyot


Best wishes for a good life, peace and tranquility!

Fifteen years ago I, Shlomo Azualis, the Rabbi of the Maayanot Valley region, was privileged to be among the founders of the Maskyot Pre-Military Preparatory School, a vigorous and challenging response to the needs of youth who are full of life and seek a warm corner that is supportive and strengthening, loving and embracing, uplifting and all-encompassing!

I expressed my opinion that we should enable those who walk through our gates to be involved in different areas, along with Torah studies, to develop their personality and work ethics. And to be sure, there is a parallel course of manual labor comprising a horse ranch, petting farm, gym, music room, gardening, carpentry and work at the preparatory school, for those who find it difficult to spend a whole day on the benches of the beit midrash!

We are all set for individual and family care, with private discussions that show us what the student is going through, and in this manner we know how to give him the right kind of support and interaction that will enable him to grow and flourish.

There are, praise God, many excellent preparatory schools all over our Holy Land. What sets them apart are the wonderful and dedicated staff workers who I call “soul players” as they happily give with all their might so much soul, spirit and heart for your benefit!

We look forward to your arrival with longing and love,

Rabbit Shlomo Azualis, Head Rabbi of the Maskyot Pre-Military Preparatory School.