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Quality Military Preparation

Maskyot stresses preparation for the military through lectures, battle heritage, advanced training for select units and more.

Special Educational Program

The students who live on the site of the pre-military Mechina participate in the study, enrichment and experiential programs that are personally suited for them.


Maskyot enables the students to develop their leadership skills, which are refined through self-awareness and independence.

After a decade of activity:

graduates who are ready for the military and personal world.
graduates who have built their families through the Mechina!
90% of the students perform meaningful tasks in combat units in the IDF.
Around 100% of the students enlist in the IDF (with the exception of very isolated cases involving health problems).

Latest News

Yom Kippur at the Mechina

he young men of cohort 21, together with their group leaders (counselors), devotedly prepared all of the food for the pre-fast meal for the academy’s graduates who came to the mechina in anticipation of the fast. The dishes were indulgent and delicious, providing strength for the long day of prayer and inner contemplation ahead

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What our students say

We need your help with our life-changing and life-saving experience!

In Maskyot, our students learn about boundaries, discipline, but also about love and where it can bring them. The students learn to appreciate themselves, to understand that they can accomplish anything, anywhere.

We change lives every day. Join us, and together we can change even more lives.

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D.N. Emek Beit Shean
10935 Israel


Avigdor Moshe, Principal:050-595-8585
Rabbi Shlomo Azualis, Director:058-556-9846
Rabbi Ohad Cohen, Main Instructor:054-444-4682
Rabbi Aviel Azualis, Main Instructor:050-992-3004