Conversation for the Ten Days of Repentance

הרב אביב שיחה לאלול 19-09

During the Ten Days of Repentance, Rabbi Aviv Simchai from the community of Maskyot visited Maskyot Mechina to have a conversation with the young men about Yom Kippur.

The young men gathered around Rabbi Aviv under the shaded pergola outside the study hall, enjoying the cool and pleasant early autumn air. With great wisdom and insight, he spoke about properly utilizing the time remaining until Yom Kippur

The discussion took place over light refreshments of sweet drinks and snacks, which drew the hearts and minds of the students to come listen attentively to words of Torah teaching.

Rabbi Aviv’s conversation provided an impactful learning opportunity for the young men as they spiritually prepared for the holiest day of the year ahead. His wisdom resonated deeply, and the students gained inspiration and motivation for meaningful growth in the coming year.