Furnishing The Dorms


At present 7 prefabricated concrete buildings (“Ashkubiot”) dating back many years, from the time Maskyot served as an army outpost, fill the function of dormitories for the pupils. In each building there are 3 very small bedrooms, each sleeping 3 students and a minimal bathroom facility – a shower and a toilet for all 9 students.

These old concrete buildings have asbestos roofs and lack any form on insulation on the ceilings and walls. The equipment in the rooms is an assortment of a “bit of this and a bit of that” – discarded beds and mattresses mismatched with odd pieces of furniture that no longer serve their purpose well.

Many of the old air-conditioners in the rooms are in a constant state of disrepair. Whilst not always serving to cool the rooms to make them habitable most months of the year – their maintenance and repair swallow up the meagre funds allocated for general maintenance. They are not energy efficient, having been manufactured at a time when awareness to the need to conserve energy was not an issue.

At Maskyot air conditioning is not a luxury – it is a must!