Maskyot provides a warm home, love, social interaction, a sense of direction and all-embracing personal attention for each student on an individual basis.

In the course of their learning an exciting process of personal strengthening takes place. This process develops in stages with the use of various experiential means such as: the music room, gym, gardening, workshop, petting zoo and stable.

The gym, which is open around the clock, is the basic means for the students to prepare themselves physically for army service in select IDF units.

The gym enhances both the self-confidence and self-image of students with poor physical capabilities, and in this manner enables us to best prepare them for combat service and maintain their health in an environment of safe, professional and available training.

Moreover, the gym is open at night also for the local residents of Maskiot, and serves as a social meeting place connecting the school with the community.

To our regret, the gymnasium is set up in a caravan that is in dire need of renovation and lacks diverse training equipment, a proper floor and air conditioning.

In order to respond to the needs of the students and local residents, the gym is in need of an upgrade.

Structural renovation includes: Entrance door, Wall coating, Electrical cabinet, Lighting system and outlets, Windows/ shutters, Floor carpeting, External wall repairs and two air conditioners and installation.

Training equipment needed: professional treadmill, weight set + apparatus, crossover weight machine, upper pulley + lower pulley, universal press couch, sit-ups machine, chin-ups/ pull-ups bar and Smith Machine/ bench press.


The Need The Cost (ILS)
Entrance door 3,000
Wall coverings 15,000
Electrical cabinet 9,000
 Windows / Shutters  26,000
Absorption carpet for the floors 6,000
External wall repair 10,000
Two air-conditioners, including installation12 12,000
Total Expenses 81,000 ₪


The Need The Cost (ILS)
Professional treadmill 7,000
Set of weights + facility 5,000
Crossover 21,000
Upper pulley + Lower pulley 10,000
Universal pushchair 2,500
Crunches device 1,000
Pull-ups Gravitron 8,000
Smith Machineull-ups Gravitron8,000Smith Machine 14,000
Total Expenses 68,500 ₪