Horse Farm


Beyond the daily educational program, Maskyot responds to the needs of students in other unique ways. We implement diverse and challenging support systems that contribute to the development of our students’ life skills and integration in the day to day workflow. These means include the petting farm and stables, workshops and special musical activities, all of which help our youth cope emotionally with the despair and difficult situations that they experienced in the past.

Working with the 25 horses in Maskyot gives the students different options of assimilating within a group and society and developing interpersonal relationships. For example, they learn to make concessions by giving in to horses’ to meet their special needs; make physical contact without violence and respect the autonomy of others by way of respecting a horse’s independence.  Moreover, being around horses helps with confidence building and self-awareness, self-orientation, reducing fears, developing relationships based on trust, and in an indirect way contributes to acquiring study habits and proper social behavior.

Horseback riding offers unique advantages: Initially, it creates trust and feelings of friendship between rider and horse. In due course, it also helps strengthen our student’s interpersonal skills, boosts their self-esteem and gives them a sense of control over their lives.

The students find an escape domain, a calm place where they can connect to their inner world and find legitimacy for their diverse feelings.

The Need
In order to provide horse therapy in the best possible manner, we need to renovate and equip our stable that was built twenty years ago and ever since has not received a thorough overhaul.

Plans include: renovation/ fitting of the horse stalls, structural renovation of the stable, water trough tanks, riding school renovation, organizing the shaded waiting area, purchase/installation of three benches, entrance gate renovation, stall for hosing down the horses, organizing the stable entrance, purchasing  two more horses (currently 25) and purchasing three saddles and bridles.

One-time Expenses:

The Need The Cost (ILS)
Renovation and adjustment of the horse cabins 40,000
Renovation of the stable’s frame 12,000
Troughs of manure tanks 3,000
Renovation of the fenced plot 8,000
Arranging a shaded waiting-area 8,000
Purchase and installation of 3 benche 3,000
Renovation of entrance gate 4,000
Horse rinsing chamber 4,000
Arranging the entrance to the stable 3,000
Purchase of two additional horses (in addition to the existing 2) 12,000
Purchase 3 saddles and helmets 5,000
Total one-time expenses 59,000

Current Expenditure (Annual)

The Need The Cost (ILS)
Hay 22,000
Mixture 12,000
Farrier 12,000
Veterinarian and Medicines 5,000
Horseback riding guide (twice a week) 20,000
Electricity and water 3,000
Unexpected Expenses 2,500
Total current expenditure 57,000

Total Project Cost: 116,000 ILS