Kitchen Renovation


In Maskyot the students run the kitchen and prepare all the meals, including the Shabbat meals.

The kitchen is in a small building measuring 25 square meters ( 82 square feet ) that was built 25 years ago, and likewise a temporary storage room measuring 20 square meters ( 66 square feet ). It is noteworthy that the equipment is minimal and old; the building is in a dilapidated state and it requires expansion and a general renovation including replacement of the kitchen equipment.

We need a refrigeration room, refrigerators, ovens, mixer, gas burner, new kitchen cabinets, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, air-conditioners etc.


The Need The Cost (ILS)
Planning & Supervision 20,000
Renovation of the existing building and its adaptation to Ministry of Health standards: furniture, sections, sinks, drains, etc. 250,000
 Dining room furniture 60,000
Mixer 20,000
Food transport trolley 25,000
Chips-maker 15,000
Bread slicer 14,000
Storage cabinets and shelves 20,000
Pans, pots and kitchenware 15,000
Air-conditioning 20,000
Eletrical work, including main electrical cabinet 20,000
Total Expenses 479,000 ₪