Music Room


Ever since David the shepherd boy played his harp to soothe the troubled King Saul, music has been widely recognized for its spiritual healing powers.

The music room at Maskyot is open 24 hours a day ( except for Shabbat and holidays ). Unfortunately, it is without suitable musical equipment, acoustics and air-conditioning.

The equipment we have: old set of drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and a very basic old amplifying system.

The renovations include: building an acoustic room, installing new lighting and an air-conditioner.

Maskyot’s students have compiled a list of musical equipment that would make a big difference in their lives. It will enable them to develop their creativity and make them feel proud every time they enter the music room.

The list includes: Amplifying system and mixer, an electric guitar, accelerated acoustic guitar, 2 darbukas, 1 set of drums, 1 organ, 1 saxophone, 2 amplifiers for the guitars, cords and cables.

Qty Item The Cost (ILS)
1 Amplification System + Mixer 15,000
1 Acoustic Guitar (amplified) 3,000
1 Electric Guitar 3,500
2 Darbukas 1,000
1 Drumset 5,000
1 Organ 6,000
1 Saxophone 4,500
2 Guitar Amplifiers 4,000
Guitar Strings, Accessories, Cables, etc. 1,000
1 Air Conditioner 5,000
Acoustics 5,000
Electricity and Lighting 6,000
Total Expenses 64,000