Scholarships for Students


Maskyot has initiated a Scholarship Program with the aim to encourage students to develop their natural talents and pursue subjects of interest.

Most students who arrive at the Maskyot school come from disadvantaged families. Their chances for future success are impeded by their low socioeconomic backgrounds and consequent educational shortcomings. Most of our students are either unaware of their academic potential or lack the self-awareness and confidence to develop it.

Maskyot’s staff is adept at recognizing their latent skills in diverse areas, from mathematics to music. But recognizing talent is not enough: there remains the wherewithal for developing it.

The scholarships are intended to enable our students to be at Maskyot and to receive the special love and support needed to instill in our students the confidence to move forward and the drive to get going in the right direction, by providing the means to make it possible.