Rav Shlomo And The Secret of Dreams

The rabbinical staff imparts their Torah insights with diverse styles and reasoning and the students quench their thirst with the various fragrances.  The Mechina successfully combines Torah, work, productivity and creativity, which are all immersed in the enchanting scenery. Rav Shlomo, the Rav of the Mechina is engaged in discussion with the students about the …

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The Torch Race

Students from Maskyot participated in the 8km race in memory of Rechavam Zeevi z”l. The race was in the Jordan Valley, a place that was very close to Zeevi’s heart. Gandi, a nickname of Rechavam’s, was an Israeli general and politician who loved the people and land of Israel. Unfortunately he was assassinated on October …

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Maskyot’s Students Bring Joy to the Elderly

During Hannukah, students from Maskyot visited an old age home in Beit Shean. They sang, danced and brought immense holiday joy to the elderly while experiencing firsthand the importance of volunteer work and reaching out to the community.  Participation in diverse activities and community life develops their sense of responsibility towards their surroundings.

A Visit To Hammam el-Malih

The students who live in the Maskyot Pre-Military Mechina participate in the study, enrichment and experiential programs that are personally suited for them and assimilate values such as love of the land. At Maskyot, it is important to instill in the students the love of the land of Israel and this is reinforced by the …

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Renovation of Beit Midrash

The Beit Midrash is the heart and soul of Maskyot and is a center for finding deep roots in Israeli heritage which broadens the students’ values perspective and strengthens beliefs, national vision and concerns for the future of the nation of Israel in the holy land. It is located in a transportable structure measuring 70 …

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Furnishing The Dorms

At present 7 prefabricated concrete buildings (“Ashkubiot”) dating back many years, from the time Maskyot served as an army outpost, fill the function of dormitories for the pupils. In each building there are 3 very small bedrooms, each sleeping 3 students and a minimal bathroom facility – a shower and a toilet for all 9 …

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Horse Farm

Beyond the daily educational program, Maskyot responds to the needs of students in other unique ways. We implement diverse and challenging support systems that contribute to the development of our students’ life skills and integration in the day to day workflow. These means include the petting farm and stables, workshops and special musical activities, all …

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Music Room

Ever since David the shepherd boy played his harp to soothe the troubled King Saul, music has been widely recognized for its spiritual healing powers. The music room at Maskyot is open 24 hours a day ( except for Shabbat and holidays ). Unfortunately, it is without suitable musical equipment, acoustics and air-conditioning. The equipment …

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Scholarships for Students

Maskyot has initiated a Scholarship Program with the aim to encourage students to develop their natural talents and pursue subjects of interest. Most students who arrive at the Maskyot school come from disadvantaged families. Their chances for future success are impeded by their low socioeconomic backgrounds and consequent educational shortcomings. Most of our students are …

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Maskyot provides a warm home, love, social interaction, a sense of direction and all-embracing personal attention for each student on an individual basis. In the course of their learning an exciting process of personal strengthening takes place. This process develops in stages with the use of various experiential means such as: the music room, gym, …

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